36 Days Before Perth


36 Days.

36 Days before I leave.

36 Days before my story in Brisbane ends.

Excited; because I’ll start a new journey.
Sorrowful; because I’ll leave my friends and memories behind.
Relived; because I’ll have a job waiting in line for me.
Heartbroken; because I’ll have to be apart from my partner.

These emotions seem so foreign yet so familiar. I had experienced them before in my life, but it would be a lie to say I’m used to it. Though I came to love these feelings. Because it’s only through experiencing these bad emotions that I can fully appreciate the good ones.

And when the 33 days come to a finish, I know that they’ll be the days I will remember the most. The final moments of my time here in Brisbane will be the ones I’ll cherish the most. The end of my Brisbane story.

And so,
My 36th day before Perth starts…

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Jia Sheng Chong

Writer, Developer, and Malaysian wandering Australia.

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