Jia Sheng Chong

About This Developer


Hi! I'm Jia Sheng, I build web applications, and draw Chinese cartoons.

Originally from Taylor's University, Malaysia. I transferred to Queensland University of Technology (QUT) after completing my first year of studies in Malaysia. Currently, I'm completing a computer science major and an intelligent systems minor at QUT.

I started programming since late 2015 where I was introduced to freecodecamp by my brother. From that that day onwards, I kinda fell in love with web development and started playing around with it alot.

During my time in Brisbane, I've finally won my first hackathon and gotten my first internship! Woohoo!
So I won the "Sphero" and "Tech" challenge for Angel Hack Brisbane '17 and was the winner of DisruptingEd Hackathon. I also interned at RedEye Apps during the winter break and currently, I'm building the MVP for a startup called Noshable at the University of Queensland.

My spare time is usually spent on reading medium articles, drawing Chinese cartoons, and working on my visual novel project. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to finish the VN.

Feel free to contact me about the VN, web dev or whatever! I'm always interested in random stuff.