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Another Year, Another Perth

Returning to Perth was nostalgic. Despite being here only for 3 months in the past, those 3 months were probably what shaped me the most to become what I am today.

But that’s a story is for another time (maybe).

Previously, I didn’t have the privileged the travel much around Perth as I was interning at Woodside Energy, most of my time was worrying about work and what I was going to cook for dinner.

However this time, with the one week I had before my graduate program with Woodside, I had the chance to be a little bit adventurous.

So What’s Around Perth?

Ever since coming to Perth, I’ve travelled alongside my SO around Western Australia. Travelling to Lancelin, Pinnacles, Rottnest Island, Freementle, and just traversing across Perth City in general.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but beaches here in Western Australia are so much nicer and cleaner than the ones on the East Coast. I’m just at awe whenever I visit a beach here in WA.



Lancelin Beach, Western Australia (WA)
Lancelin Beach, Western Australia (WA)

The Lancelin Beach was probably the most stunning beach in WA, little to no people, bright transparent ocean, and the sand was as soft as my feelings.

Though if you wanted to visit this beautiful beach everyday, you’ll have to travel up to Lancelin by car for 1 hour and 40 minutes. It’s quite tough to get there by public transport but it is possible (to some extend).

Lancelin’s also popular for their sand boarding from the sand dunes. It was heaps of fun but super tiring. All you needed was to rent one board online from the Lancelin website and make your way to the sand dunes. And yes, you only need to rent ONE even if there are multiple people. My SO and I only used to sandboard 3 – 4 times down the sand dunes, as climbing back up the sand dunes was like climbing a mountain. An hour of rental should be enough for 2 people.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island, Western Australia (WA)
Rottnest Island, Western Australia (WA)

Another great spot for natural scenery is Rottnest Island, located just 40 km east of Perth. The island is captivated with beautiful beaches, gigantic fallout rats, and lots of bicycle riding.

The best day to explore Rottnest is definitely the weekdays as there are too many people on the weekends. To get the most fun out of Rottnest, I would definitely recommend renting a bicycle. It’s tiring, but riding a bike means that you’ll be able to explore places where the bus doesn’t stop, and the bus will only stop at the “popular” places.

To get to Rottnest itself, you’ll have to book a ferry. We booked through Rottness Express with bicycles extras. The ferry took us from Barrack St, Perth to the island, with a travel time of about 1 hour of sea sickness. The bicycles weren’t the best of quality, but they were at least rideable.

What’s Next?

Personally, Lancelin and Rottnest were the 2 most memorable part of my journey in Western Australia. There are other natural attractions such as
Monkey Mia and Pink Lake but they were a little too far from Perth. Though I’m hoping to visit them in the near future.

I reckon the best places to visit in Western Australia are those with less civilization and probably a little harder to be google searched. But if there’s any doubt going anywhere, the best thing is to sleep at home.

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