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Being accountable for – A New Year’s Strategy

Everyone wants to make 2018 a great year. And to create a great year, you create a new year’s resolution.

But keeping a New Year’s resolution is difficult. You set it at the start of each year and you forget about it the day after. The cycle goes on. Years after years you make some new year’s resolution and leave it neglected.

Last year, this was my new year’s resolution:

Goal Outcome Result
Get an internship Had one internship in winter and currently doing one ✓ Overdelivered
Publish a Visual Novel Wrote and coded one but was incomplete ✗ Underdelivered
Publish a novel Not done ✗ Failed
Win a hackathon Won a technical hackathon and an ideathon ✓ Overdelivered
Pass a Japanese N5 exam Not done ✗ Failed

It wasn’t the best that I could have hoped for, but definitely not the worst either. I realised when it came career goals, I was more diligent and motivated to achieve them. But when it came to personal ones, I half-assed them and obviously, the results were half-assed as well.

Even though I don’t deem my career goals more important than personal ones, I’ve never seemed to tell anyone about my personal goals. They were embarrassing and childish. Something that people will laugh at, because they don’t believe in change, they don’t believe in you.

Though this year,

Who cares about what other people think.

You live life yourself and no one else’s.  People make fun of you just to fill their ego, their lack of fulfilment. They’ll want to drag you down. If you look like you’re ahead of them, they’ll try to slow you down, they’ll try to pull you back beneath them. And you’ll ignore them, because why let toxic people dictate what you want to achieve in life?

For this year’s new resolution, I’ll:

  1. Publish 52 articles (1 article per week)
  2. Publish a proper visual novel
  3. Publish a short novel
  4. Participate and finish NaNoWriMo
  5. Participate in 4 writing competitions (1 competition per season)
  6. Read 26 books (1 book per fortnight)
  7. Get a graduate offer before graduating
  8. Get a tutoring position
  9. Mentor a 2nd person in web development
  10. Volunteer for another initiative
  11. Participate in Hacktoberfest
  12. Participate in 4 Hackathons (1 hackathon per season)



Now that I’ve posted publicly, I have to do it right? I know my only readers are my old university mates and that one random girl from college, but that’s alright. Even if you’re someone random from the internet, please help me be accountable for all these goals.

I know I know. If you knew me before I moved to Australia, you might be thinking…

“What happened to all your Chinese cartoons?”

“Where did all my Waifus gone to?”

It’s true that my goals have drifted a little from drawing to writing. And that’s because I found a new love for writing, more so than drawing now.

That doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up on it though. I just want to focus my goals on something I think is worth pursuing. And let’s not forget that we still have that visual novel to make. 😉


Writing/Reading Goals

Half of my goals this year are dedicated to writing and reading which are ultimately just personal goals (kinda). The method of I’m going to tackle these goals is through habit. Some of my goals are meant to build this habit such as “Publish 52 articles” and “Read 26 books”. By constantly repeating and reiterating of my writing process, I make it a part of my everyday life. Once the process starts, it gets easier day after day, the first would the biggest hurdle.

In order to measure how far I’ve improved, I’ll be participating in competitions such as NaNoWriMo. Hopefully, this platform will give me an idea of my writing abilities throughout the year on a seasonal basis.

A few rules for myself as well:

  • A blog post is NOT an article. An article is only counted if it’s posted on an external site which I do not own.
  • A proper visual novel is only completed if there are proper character sprites, background illustrations, a story, music, and must be published on a distribution site.
  • A short novel has to be at least 20,000 – 40,000 words in length and must be published on a distribution platform.


Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that everyone will have a change in goals throughout 2018. You add some, you remove some. You’ll overestimate how much you can do. There’ll be goals you’ll meet, and some you’ll miss. And that’s alright. Because at the end of the day, as long as you did you best, you’re already a winner.

That’s my answer how my 2018 will be.

So for everyone else who’s reading, What’s your new year’s resolution?

In response to Shuen.

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  1. Shu En Shu En

    Wahhhh omg so motivational hahhaha good luck js!! All the best! Hopefully we can meet up once this year, take care~! 😀 Ohh and thanks for mentioning my blog, hahahha so shy though 🙈

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