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The lies I tell myself


“Underachieving Underachiever” That was the title I gave myself. The title to remind myself who I used to be, the title to remind myself who I still am. I was always the “disappointment” of my family. Bad grades, videos games, socially awkward, you name it. To compensate for my lack of talents and skills, I pretended to be cool by doing edgy things only immature kids would...

The feelings of transferring universities


Before the transfer One year ago, I was a proud and “pretentious” first-year software engineering (the real engineering) student at Taylor’s University. To be honest, I loved Taylor’s. We had a lake, some ducks, and a bunch of cute doggos running around the car parks. It was a great environment to study overall and I loved the people who I was studying with. However, a day...

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