The feelings of transferring universities


Before the transfer One year ago, I was a proud and “pretentious” first-year software engineering (the real engineering) student at Taylor’s University. To be honest, I loved Taylor’s. We had a lake, some ducks, and a bunch of cute doggos running around the car parks. It was a great environment to study overall and I loved the people who I was studying with. However, a day...

Alone… But not lonely.


Being alone should suck. Last July, I was ousted by my circle due to some misunderstandings. It hurt. Why? I thought we were the closest of friends. I thought we were better than a few mistakes. I thought we would still be together. Losing my friends felt like being stabbed in the heart. And as someone who was super reliant on friends, this was more so hurtful for me. But being alone...

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