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Counting Sheep

These days, I find myself worrying less – about life, relationships, finance. Life seemed to have taken a turn from a “Save Me” phase to an “I’m Fine” phase.

But seeing that I’m still referencing BTS in my posts, I’m not even sure if I’m right in the head anymore.

What’s your career direction now?

In my last post, I expressed my worries regarding my identity of being a software engineer. Well, I completely obliterated those worries when I was given the opportunity to join the Data Science team.

I was quick to jump boats from game development to data science.

But it obviously came with a catch – I’ve got to sacrifice my life back to studying 24/7. It’s like being back in uni, without the free time component.

So, instead of focusing and allocating my free time to my game development project, I’ve shifted towards completing the John Hopkins Data Science course on Coursera. While a monthly subscription does cost $79 AUD per month, I’m fortunate enough that my company is paying for my training – which also means there’s be more expected from me.

If you were friends with me since my Anime phase, you might have remembered that I was super keen on having game development (and Minecraft YouTuber) as a career. Unfortunately for this case, I had to give it up again to focus on something I feel will be of much value to me.

Do you have friends now?

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, honestly I had no idea how I survived 6 months in Perth with 0 social interactions. In the past 6 months, my only interactions we were asking “How are you?” in the office.

When I returned to Brisbane to recruit vacation students/interns, I met up with a few of my mates, who were appalled at my lack of friends. They obviously didn’t want to be friends with some dude who didn’t have friends. I mean, how do you get friends when the requirements require you to have friends?

They left me no choice but to join a meetup (one that plays board games). Which was probably the smartest decision I’ve made ever since coming to Perth.

I got to meet other lonely people who also moved interstate and have some form of social interaction outside of work.

How’s your finance holding up?

My individual shares are dead to me – I’m sticking to ETFs and cash now.

What’s next?

While I do have less free time and more things to do now. I still want to put some attention into writing. Despite having written more this year than all previous years combined, I feel like I haven’t achieved much. Which is probably why I should have set some kind of goal for this.

I guess what’s next is to come up with a plan on how to improve my writing, and how I can write and contribute to a community. But as that one bold guy in a Chinese cartoon once said, “I’ll leave tomorrow’s problems to tomorrow’s me”.


  1. That one guy That one guy

    What do u host ur server on, a Pi, or a legit server u paid

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