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Creating an army of Peons

For the past 3 months, I had a crisis.

A decision to procrastinate or not. And you probably can figure the answer from my undeniable surge in blog postings this year.

But to be honest, I actually had no idea what I wanted to do this this blog.

Was this just a place for me to rant? A place to speak my thoughts out? And what if I wanted to write technical posts, was that something appropriate for my current readers (shoutout to the 2 Russian bots)? Or would it even be appropriate for future readers, who might get confused with unrelated random posts referencing k-pop (which I will obviously never do again in my entire life).

So while I was blog soul searching, I kinda left this blog on a hiatus.

Though that’s not to say I wasn’t doing anything, I did actually travel back to Malaysia (twice) and Brisbane (also twice). And currently, I’m self-isolating, reading Designing Bots and pretending to be productive.

Building my arm(y); Building for fun

Within my career, I recently migrated teams from Citizen Data Science to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) service line. Despite not being my 1st choice, I was a little tiny bit excited because I thought I was going to do work within the AI space.

And I did, just not in the way I expected it to be…

In reality, the work was just more sophisticated data engineering. It was similar to the work I had done for my previous team, just with more emphasis on applying “smart” algorithms.

That didn’t stop me however! I really wanted to pursue AI/ML and drive my own development. So while the work wasn’t what I had expected, it did give me a bright idea, starting an AI blog.

So, introducing AI Peon, a blog aimed to tell stories of automating the daily life, and building useful and silly stuff.

It was previously named, even bought the domain. But after some intense rational thinking, I discarded the name because it might had sounded too controversial. The name eventually became AI Peon. Because first, AI, which means AI (obviously), and Peon, inspired by Warcraft III, meaning a low-ranking soldier/worker. An AI Peon working for me, for life.

And despite the blog being created only on the 2nd of March, I manage to sneak in two blog posts, “NLP: Fake Jobs Text Classification using Naive Bayes” and “Deploying an NLP Mode to Flask” . They are both part of a series in creating a fake jobs classifier chrome extension. I would tell you more, but all the information are within the blog posts themselves if you want to learn more. 😉

What’s next?

In terms of goals for the new AI blog, my goal is to post there about once every fortnight, with my colleague, Jack keeping me in check.

This also means that I can potentially cross off my goal of writing 18 blog posts easily this year. I might even set a stretch goal of writing more by the end of this year.

For the future of this current blog, I’ll still regularly write, as it’s probably the only thing keeping me sane.

With that, I’ll see you when I see you. (Probably the next time I write)

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