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How to Get The Most Out of Studying Internationally

Studying internationally is a huge step in every international student’s life.

It’s not easy leaving your comfort zone to study in a foreign country. Leaving your friends, family, and everyone behind.

The carefree life is gone and comes your first experience becoming an adult. A life of being independent.

No matter if you plan to stay in whatever country you study in, or if you plan to go back, it’s always best to get your money’s worth and get the most value out of studying internationally.

Here are 3 things you can do to get the most value out of studying internationally.

1. Make A Variety of Friends

Photo by Tiago Rosado on Unsplash

It goes without saying that having friends enriches your life, don’t let some random YouTuber tell you otherwise.

I’ve seen many students making the mistake of focusing too much on their studies, or even on their part-time job. Truth is, making lifelong friends while you’re studying internationally helps you increase your sense of belonging and purpose in the foreign country.

You’ll have a much more meaningful and productive life when you have friends around.

The second mistake I’ve seen too many times are internationals students sticking like glue to their own countrymen. It’s not to say that it’s wrong, but I feel like it’s such a waste to study in a different country, just to be surrounded by people from your own country.

Get out your comfort zone!

Join clubs you’re interested in, make friends who are local and international, and definitely, don’t be afraid to try new things to make friends.

2. Travel

Photo by Dhruva Reddy on Unsplash
Twelve Apostles, Victoria by Dhruva Reddy on Unsplash

This might be obvious, but sometimes we’ve become so engrossed with studying or with our part-time job that we forgot to travel around.

Just like the first point I made on making friends, travelling enriches your life, benefits your physical and mental health, and gives you topics to talk about in making the first point happen.

All you’ve to do is to Google “things to do” or read articles about travelling and you’re good to go! The next step would be finding out how to get there.

If you’re not so keen on renting a car or spending money on travelling, you could always “travel” to your nearest art gallery, museum, and/or beach.

You can’t say you’ve lived in a city if you haven’t visited these kinds of places in your city!

3. Do An Internship

EY Sweeney, Sydney by Kevan Lin on Unsplash

Studying intentionally isn’t just about studying or just having fun, it’s also about building your career.

By living in a foreign country, you’ll also have a good chance to work at an international firm. You’ll be on top of your peers if you land yourself an internship internationally.

Internships give many benefits, providing you with knowledge and experience, money so that you’re less poor, and a chance to receive a full-time offer.

Getting an internship as an international student is tough though, we’ve got many hurdles such as commitments, visa issues, and restrictions.

But that’s why there are resources and articles to help you with that.

Studying Internationally Is More Than Just Studying

While studying is important, it’s also important to do other activities that can create valuable and meaningful experiences for yourself.

Don’t stress yourself too much on getting the best grades, employers don’t really care about those (just don’t get too bad of a grade). Create more value for yourself by making friends, travelling, and doing an internship.

Do these 3 simple things and you’ll find yourself creating a ton of value for yourself in your journey abroad.

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