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It’s your duty to be happy

It’s your duty to be happy.

from the undeniably popular song “This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee” by Utata-P

This undeniably popular song hates unhappy people. It goes to the extreme of hanging, stoning, and other extremes to individuals who aren’t happy. Which is quite hilarious to a certain extent. So hilarious that I play the song whenever I pick up my friends for board games.

Though, the harsh truth is that reality is more or less the same. Everyone is expecting you to be happy, and it doesn’t matter how you feel or how you’re treated. If you show any kind of unhappiness within a group, you’re the problem.

But what if you’re being bullied?
Just be happy you even have friends.

How about being taken advantage of?
Just be happy you’re even useful.

And even being judged?
Just be happy you’re even noticed.

It’s your duty to realise

My only one and ultimate skill I have besides making k-pop reference is, not understanding how I feel.

I am terrible at realising and speaking out my feelings. Ask me how I’m doing and I’ll tell you, “Living the dream”. Funny huh?

The reply becomes even funnier in the workplace. Some would resonate with the answer, some took it as a joke and started making sarcastic remarks about themselves, and others didn’t reply because they weren’t paying attention.

So, as I continue to work in Perth, I sometimes find myself confusingly unhappy at points. I even feel like an idiot for feeling unhappy long after the event had passed. And if you were like the 1 bot follower who had followed this blog since its inception, you would probably have guessed why I was unhappy again.

Mixing in with the wrong group of “friends”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have groups of friends who are great, respectful, and supportive. But as soon as there’s a group that makes me feel worthless, I feel like I need a sunny summer, a long vacation away from all the drama.

I feel shamed, slandered, and disrespected almost every time I hang out with this group. It happens so much that I sometimes physical feel afraid of being around them. In the end, I slowly moved further and further away from them, saving my sanity for worse nightmares like BTS disbanding 🙁 .

You deserve to be happy

I believe that everyone deserves to be happy, you, me, and even severely evil people like Durian haters. While you deserve to be happy, it’s also your duty to give yourself that happiness.

While I had realised the cause of my unhappiness a little late (only a few months late), it was much better than continuing down the rabbit hole.

So for the future me who feels unhappy, I hope you read this and the first 4 blog posts on this blog. You might cringe out of oblivion, wait till next sunrise, re-read for another round of cringe, you’ll feel Deja Vu, face-palm as your younger self referenced kpop songs 5 times, but in the end, you’ll realise you deserve to be happy and to feel special.

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