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Jia Sheng Chong Posts

Another Year, Another Perth

Returning to Perth was nostalgic. Despite being here only for 3 months in the past, those 3 months were probably what shaped me the most to become what I am today.

But that’s a story is for another time (maybe).

Previously, I didn’t have the privileged the travel much around Perth as I was interning at Woodside Energy, most of my time was worrying about work and what I was going to cook for dinner.

However this time, with the one week I had before my graduate program with Woodside, I had the chance to be a little bit adventurous.

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My Career as an International Student

Walking through the searing hot weather of Brisbane, without data, without a map, I can’t help but wonder,

“What am I doing here? Did I even make the right choice?”

That was my first day in Brisbane. Drenching in sweat, with no protection against the sun, it was my skin against the UV rays of Australia. My goal that day was to find and set up a bank account. After half an hour walk, I reached Newmarket and encountered my first bank, Commonwealth Bank. From then on, my first supermarket was ALDI, and my first phone provider is Vodafone.

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The Tide of Euphoria

I was ready to jump from the ship of dystopia into the tide of euphoria. My foggy emotions to take the leap tempts me, pushing me closer to the tide as if it would rejuvenate my life. But I was hesitant, and I wasn’t ready to commit, so I took two steps back, scrunching my feet against the white rough sand that tries to stop me.

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