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Restarting From Zero: Perth

Two and a half months have passed since I’ve relocated to Perth from Brisbane.

For what?


Some nights I ask myself, was it worth it? I don’t know. Time will tell, but honestly, I don’t feel it is.

Ever since coming to Perth, I’ve never stopped asking myself whether this was the right or wrong choice. It’s not as if Perth is all bad, in fact, it’s quite the opposite of that.

I love the weather, the city, the laid-back life.

But I missed so much more things, my friends, partner, and a place I called home.

Restarting From Brisbane

I had the same experienced when I first arrived in Brisbane from Kuala Lumpur. What was I doing here? What was I supposed to do?

Though after the 1st year of living in Brisbane, I felt as if it were my home. I had tons of friends, I knew the ins and outs of the cities, universities, and I lived with a great shared house. A shared house where we made lots of memories, happy, sad, meaningful memories.

We all had similar goals, challenges, something we all can relate to. I felt like I was at home, like I had a home.

However, ever since coming to Perth, I can’t seem to find any enjoyment here.

I’ve restarted from zero. I have no common interests with my new housemates, my new colleagues, or anyone in general. There’s no one here in Perth for me, it’s just me against the world.

Restarting From Work

Work is alright, I just do what needs to be done, and that’s the end of the story. But I can’t help myself but feel targeted at my workplace. Sometimes I feel belittled, put down, and mocked at by my colleagues and peers. It was something I’ve never experienced when I was working in Brisbane.

Everyone was so nice and friendly back in Brissy. I even had job offers lined up before I graduated. But I choose Perth…



There’s no one I feel like I can relate to, everyone seemed too competitive, as if they have something they want to prove. Everyone just wants to be on top of each other. Honestly, I don’t like it a single bit.

Though, for me, it’s impossible to turn back now. My visa won’t allow it, my end goal doesn’t allow it.

I’m tied down to Perth.

But it’s okay, and I’ll keep moving forward. To a better future.

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  1. rexofoam rexofoam

    wao stronk, gambateh

  2. Ramzan Ramzan

    Sounds like your life is one hell of depression.

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