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The Tide of Euphoria

I was ready to jump from the ship of dystopia into the tide of euphoria. My foggy emotions to take the leap tempts me, pushing me closer to the tide as if it would rejuvenate my life. But I was hesitant, and I wasn’t ready to commit, so I took two steps back, scrunching my feet against the white rough sand that tries to stop me.

I stand on the sand, looking for a sign. What kind of sign? I don’t know.

As I stand there, the seagulls watched me, cheering me on with their loud shrieking voices. The crabs surrounded me, blockading my path back to where I started. The mermaids invited me, singing their praise for the tide they have been raised. Nothing was stopping me, nothing was standing between me and the paradise I sought.

I was relieved, yet disappointed, but that gave me the courage to move forward.

One step.

Two steps.

Four steps.

Closer and closer, I come to the edge of the sand, closer than ever before to the tide. The tide of euphoria I so longed for. Nothing could stop me now, there was no turning back.

As I was an inch away from the tide, a thunderous bang erupted through the sky. I crouched in fear and looked up, what could that sound be?

It was a blazing storm above the tides, thunder its way towards me. A sight so terrifying yet so beautiful that I watched in awe despite my fear. Lightning scattered across the sky, lighting up the once dark gloomy sky with its marvellous yellow streaks. It roars through the sky as if there was nothing in its way, devouring everything in its path.

The seagulls flocked back to their nests, the crabs scattered back to their holes, and the mermaids vanished back into the tide. I was the last being standing on the beach, solitude was mine.

Minutes past and the fierce roars of the storm started to calm down. It was as if it had just come to scare away all who were not deemed worthy.  With its last breath, it lets out a final cry of faint yellow lights before dissipating from existence.

Now, the storm has passed and what was left was just the tide, me, and myself. The sky was painted in lukewarm orange, radiating warmth towards the land, while the tide emitted a purplish glow, attempting to drown out the warmth orange from the sky. The scene had me in complete awe. A sight so beautiful that I was stunned for the moment.

I was so captivated by the view that I have forgotten. Forgotten why I was even here in the first place, why I even wanted to dive into the tide of euphoria.

And as the sun slowly drowns itself into the tide, I stood there and admired the horizon.

“That was the sign.” I thought.

With one last look at the tide, I turned my back on utopia and returned back to reality which I called dystopia.

Credits: Tide – Photo by Glenn Ruben Berg on Unsplash

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